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Berryfied Zephyr Hill Save

First be sure to download (cc free) Zephyr Hill found in the link above.

Then feel free to download from the link below.

Place stuff in save folder and create new folder for it. Be sure despite whatever you name it that it contains “.sims3” at the end.

The save is cc free (except for skins) though it does require all expansions because I placed Late night lots and Ambitions lots in the town.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to ask…


Make sure to get the Fawkes Skintones from Mod the Sims or you will have black skinned sims!

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Difference In The Family Tree (Challenge)

(Decided to move it over here for those not on livejournal and so there is another copy floating around. XD)

The Sims 3 DITFT challenge. Please take the time to look at, even if you don’t decide to try out this challenge.

Have a nice day!

LOOK INTO RULES AND GENS 3,4,5,6,9,10, 11, 12, 15

LOOK INTO RULES AND GENS: Gen 16 (optional gen), Gen 16.5 (optional, meshable with 16, or own gen, or side route), Gen 14.5, Gen 5.5, Gen 6.5

*Note: This is TheUsernameFound from website. *

Starting Out:
*Create a character and move them to whatever housing you want. (One that is more isolated and a smaller lot is preferred)

*Have Fun
*No cheats for money and whatnot.
For the split gens, you can have both for your heir of that gen (if possible) or you may hand it off to the spouse or even the spare of that gen. Or you don’t have to play it (Some won’t be able to because many of the split gens involve Ambitions expansion)


Generation One
“I always wanted to be a farmer. There is a tradition of that in my family. ”

Your family was always into the farming deal. They spent their days working hard and asked for their children to do the same. So when you turned 18, your parents surprised you with your own plot of land to continue on tradition. And having always been one to want to impress the folks. You begin creating your own small garden, dedicating your time to that rather then dealing with a dreadful 9-to-5 suit and tie job.

Objectives of generation one:
-grow a garden with every type of plant from store! (excludes egg and steak and omni)
-get married, but no woohoo before married (your mama taught you better then that)
-have a boy and a girl. Keep trying til you do! (try no watermelons or apples)  -ADDED: If unable, you can always adopt the one you are missing
-Master Gardner skill.

Optional objectives:
-Obtain and plant every type of plant
-catch every type of fish
-Marry a gal/guy with “Loves Outdoors” and/or “green thumb”
Master Fisherman Skill (Moved from objective)


Generation Two
“I was expected to be a farmer like my father and siblings. I broke tradition. It was great.”

Life with your hands in the dirt wasn’t the life for you. You always craved to spend your time in the city and always loved when in the inner-city limits. You crave for more important things then seeing seeds sprout into plants or the days your father spent fishing, as they didn’t interest you as much as your siblings. You decide not to follow the road of a farmer, but turn to business instead.

Generation Two Objectives:
– Get to level 10 on the Business Career.
– Get to level 10 in Charisma skill
– Get married, woohoo, and have kid(s). (not necessarily in that order)
– Have at least one kid.

Optional Objectives:
-Become enemies with your father and mother (why can’t you be like your brother or/and sister?) before entering your career.
-Partner into a business (doesn’t matter which)
-Make over 50,000 in family funds.
-Marry a co-worker, or even your boss

Gen2.5 (Base Game Compatable) ADDED August 13, 2010

-Join Journalism Field
-Get married, woohoo, have kid(s). In whichever order)
-Get to level 10 of writing
-Get to level 10 in journalism career

Optional objectives
-Become enemies with father and mother.
-Partner in a buiness
-Write over 10 papers
-Marry someone, work related.

Generation 3
*(WA need. If you don’t have or it doesn’t work on your computer see Gen 3.5 right below. Or even try doing both if you have WA)

“my parents always working, I was left alone. So I went on trips (relationship rampages) as I grew old enough.”

Your parents have always seemed to spend more time in the office then home. So you decided to go to different place and see the world outside your own town.Better then remaining at home that was for sure.

Generation Three Objectives:
-Visit all locations
-Gain all vista levels
-Master photography (Gotta have pictures to remember it all!)
-Marry a local, have kid, yada yada

-Unlock all tombs.

Generation 3.5 (if you don’t have WA or it doesn’t work)

-Kiss 6 sims (edited to make easier for those with bugs).
-Be boyfriend/girlfriend to 2 sims then break their hearts. (edited to make easier for  those with bugs)
-Get married and have kid(s).
-Kill spouse, then repeat above step (as many as three times)
*optional to have kids with all three.

-Keep ghosts on lot.


Generation Four

“The more I find, the more I type, and the more I learn of my parent’s lives.”

Your parents has been everywhere with rich and wonderful stories that were always told to you ever since you (and your siblings [if any] ) were little. This sparked a creative interest in you, filling you with the need to write and paint the beautiful images they spoke about.


-Master Writing skill
-Write at least 10 books.(changed to make easier)
-Master Painting skill
-Paint at over 20 paintings (changed to make easier)
-Marry, woohoo, have kid(s)


-Be best friends with parents (parent)
-Get 10,000 in royalties
-paint your parents pictures,( and grandparents if still alive.)
-Paint your children and husband

Gen 4.5 (not possible to do without Ambitions) *suggested by Mangakagirl* & is optional!
Optional Additions:
Learn and master sculpting skill
Make an ice sculpture of your love
Be sure to learn how to use all material types for sculpting
Make at least 5 sculptures.


Generation Five

“Though it be not quite from my parents, I learned to play the guitar, and sing simple songs.”

It must be that creative gene, because you were born with a guitar in your hand. You’ve played it ever since you were able to pick it up, not caring if you didn’t strum correctly or even well. But that you knew would get better in time. As it always does.


-Master Guitar skill.
-Get to the top of the Music Branch.
-Have at least three kids
-Get married
-Learn all songs (see optional)

-Master Painting skill (your mama and daddy be proud)
(-Go visit each vacation location to learn all foreign songs if you can)

Ambitions/other things noticed Add: (optional)
(For Rockstar branch)
Get a tattoo. (All rock stars get them)
Have at least 3 signings(you are famous after all)
Play concert at least 10 times (that is what’s going to make you go far)

Symphonic Brach:
Be friend one co-worker
Know all co-workers
Level 5 in logic

Gen 5.5 Gen (Requires LATE NIGHT!) NEW*

“I loved watching bands on SimTV and everything. I dreamed to be like them. So I mastered the instruments and tried my luck with hope that my one man band will grow.”

Master Bass
Master Guitar
Master Piano
Master Drums
Have Baby, Find love

Start Band / Name it
Find Three People For Band
Play A gig
Practice For Gig

Generation Six

“I always dreamed of staying home watching the kids.”

You’ve always wanted one of your own. So when you grew old enough you were overjoyed with knowing that you could have children one day. You’d play with your barbies, G.I. Joe, and doll house waiting for the one day to have your own babies.

-Adopt at least one boy and a girl (one being a child)
-Try for twins until you win!
– Teach all toddlers their skills.
-Don’t have social worker come steal the kids
-Attend at least two kids weddings (all if you are adventurous. Or can)

-Have at least five kids of your own (they grow up so fast)
-Help kids with homework every night

Optional Route 6.5 (Must have LATE NIGHT!) *NEW*

“You’re parents were famous so you craved to be like them. You wanted to be known for talents.”

Max Writing
Max Charisma
Get Level 5 Celebraty status
Reach top of Film career (your pick of actor or director)
Have a kid and get married.


Generation Seven

“There is always a bad apple in the bunch.”

There was something about you. You were different then the others. Could it have been you were smothered in too much love from your parents or you were just born that way. Either way, things are going to change around here. For an evil better…

-Join Criminal Career
-Reach level 10 in criminal career
-Master Athletic skill
-Master Logic skill
-Marry sim.
-Make baby (you want the perfect evil child)
-Befriend child

Befriend 5 sims to best friend (evil genius need minions too)


Generation Eight

“I won’t end up like you! I won’t I won’t.”

You were their perfect child. And you dislike it, even more so when you realized that your parents were criminals.

-Join and reach level 10 of Political career
-Reach max Charisma
-Throw a Political Party (can’t think of name) every other day.
– Get at least 10,000 for political funds
-Steal from fund once (you can’t help it, it’s in your blood)
-Donate to charity every Saturday.
-Get married as adult
-Has three babies.

Get into fight with parent.

Gen 8.5 (base game compatiable) Added August 13, 2010
-Join Athetic career

-Get married as an adult
-Max athletic skill
-Join and master Athletic career
-Donate to charity every Saturday.
-Have two kids or more.
-Get into fight with parents.
-Go for a run through town once a week for excersise.
-Meet someone new once a week

Generation Nine

“There was always hidden attractions for those who worked honest jobs.”

Ever since you were little you had a fascination with the people whom worked hard for the good of the people. You couldn’t help but want to marry someone that had those traits and pass them onto your own kids.

-Woohoo a Service sim (fireman,bugler, maid, policeman ect.)
-Have a Child with service sim
-Get a child with a hidden trait (
-Kick out a kid after his birthday in becoming a young adult
-Have part-time job throughout life

-Marry the service sim

9.5 (Must have ambitions) *Mangakagirl suggestion*

Become a firefighter
Get the key to the city
Max Handieness skill
Max athletic skill
Marry serves sim (all of them are able to be used)
Have a baby (as many as you’d like)

Rescue 5 sims from the blaze
Put out 10 fires
Get hidden trait


Generation Ten

“Playing cops and robbers as a kid, I always wanted to kick bad-guy butt.”

You always wanted to take out the bad in this world. And no matter what you’d try your hardest to prevail over the evil in your town. That was your motto anyway and thus is why you trained yourself so as to be great at what you do. You got married early and had kids shortly after that so when you became an adult you were already settled down.

-Join Law Enforcement as adult.
-Max Logic skill
-Try Maxing out Painting skill (only when child/teen)
-Try Max Athletic skill (only when teen/young adult)
-Become best friends with your work partner
-Have a kid or two while a young adult
-Marry someone when young adult

-Have a best friend forever as a teen
-Have at least two friends.
-Have a fight with a burglar and win.

10.5 (Ambitions needed)
Become a Private Investigator
Snoop out 10 locations
Write 5 papers of your findings
Reach level 10 of PI
Get key to the city
Have baby

Snoop around and follow the sim of your dreams for a day or two (it’s not stalking, its called investigating)
Go through at least 5 garbages
Don’t marry until Adult stage
Adopt a kid.
Generation Eleven

“I always wanted to be a doctor. Helping people is something I was raised on.”

Your dad always taught you that people were always to be helped out. You’d help the old lady across the street if she wanted you to. Death was always something you wanted to help prevent if possible. Either way. You’d make this world better.

Join the Medical career
Max logic skill
Be friends with siblings and parents
Befriend Boss

-Give a sim medical advice
-Decide gender of baby for a sim
-Befriend all co-workers

Ambitions additions:
Give vaccinations to at least 10 sims.
Marry someone you vaccinate. (maybe even one that was scared to get shot)
Have a baby.

Generation Twelve

“I must of gotten it from my family long down the line. I was facinated with science and the earth”

Many years have passed since someone actually wanted to grow a garden. And being the only one whom has started it on it you being bad but begin getting better.

Join Science career
Max Gardening skill
Max Hardiness skill
Reach level 10 of Science Career

-Resurrect two ghosts

Ambitions required 12.5 *mangakagirl suggestion*
Become a registered inventor
Max Inventing skill
Invent 10 toys
Collect scrap at least 10 times from junk yard.
Max Handiness
Blow up things at least twice in public.
Have a kid through time machine (They may be heir!)

Have a death flower in your inventory at all times (feel free to pass them down through the gens)
Make one of your kids have the genius trait.
Marry and woohoo (not really your thing however)
Make a simbot (or use my best friend)
Get married (though not really your thing)

Generation Thirteen

“Food, food, food, I always liked making food. I blame my parents. They had a garden.”

It was from your father and mother that you found your way into the kitchen. You’ve always like to cook since you were able to touch the stove. Fancy dishes would be your specialty. It was just something that always kept you going.

Join Cutlery career.
Get to level 10 in Cutlery career.
Max cooking skill
Level five nectar skill (if you have WA)
Marry a sims with Natural Cook trait
Max Gardening Skill
Manage a bake stand while a kid.

Collect all cookbooks.
Cook all meals for family

GEN 13.5 (Requires Ambitions)
I was always intrested in things like my parents were. They spent their time building robots which got me curious on all things supernatural.

Join and master Ghost hunting profession
Master Logic
Have a wife and kid
Catch at least 50 ghosts.
Convince at least 10 ghosts to move on

Marry a ghost
Learn Ambrosia
Get all ghost colors on lot

GEN 13.7 (Requires Late Night!) *NEW*
I Loved Cooking but wanted to add my own twist to it. So I decided to become a mixologist. I expect good times all around!!


Master Mixology Skill
Master Cooking
Buy a Bar
Have a kid
Get married
Level five Gardening skill

Generation Fourteen

“Laziness, I wouldn‘t call it that. I‘d call it heavy thinking about tomorrow.”

You never felt like doing a lot of work. Not even for a moment did it appeal to you to play ball or go around playing tag with the other children. It wasn’t anything that interested you. In fact you’d rather spend the day watching TV or reading books. Besides it wasn’t like your parents yelled at you or anything.

-Marry and woohoo a sim of your choice.
-Have only two kids.(with two different mothers/fathers)
-Do not get a job (spouse can but the ‘heir’ cannot)
-Do not help kids with homework or toddler skills.
-Get another sim pregnant and have them join family household.
-Read 15 books.
-COLLECT ALL GEMS (You are a kid at heart…)
-COLLECT BUGS(The kid in you calls for it)

-Don’t change dirty diapers. (That just isn’t your thing)
-No skill that lowers fun is to be learned (CHANGED 9/11!)
-Flirt with 3 sims in town.
-No dish cleaning (that’s what maids are for)

Gen 14.5

“I could never stick to one thing as a kid which transferred with age.”

Gain skill level 5 for job (each one that requires different skill)
Start Four Jobs, Quit when At Leve Five
Meet Co-Workers
Have Kid with two different woman/ or get pregnant by two guys /or adorpt
Get Married
Flirt with at least three sims

Generation Fifteen

“Even though we aren‘t from the same mother (or father), we feel like we are. And we’d like to meet all our family members.”

Born to be half-siblings, you both spent most of your time together. You both spent time together ever since you both could remember and was for the most part inseparable. People on the street thought it was cute, but not everyone was so happy to see half-siblings getting along. But you’d both prove that you two could still remain friends forever.

-Have both ‘heirs’ adopt one child sim.
-Have both sims have kids. (being married is optional)
-You both join Military Career
-Both max out Athletic skills.
-Max Hardiness skill for both.
-Find as many of your relatives as possible. (family tree is good for this part)
-Host a birthday party (for turning elder and child b-day) and invite all your relatives to it.

-Have 20 friends. (ten each)
-Buy out 2 business (one each)
-Complete LTW

Have one heir become a stylist while the other becomes a architectual designer (For together we will paint the town our way!).
Have both heirs have kids (marriage is optional/ O,o” Cheating partner on each other)
Max out required skills.
Find relatives and throw a party for turning elder and a child’s b-day)

Have 20 friends (it’s good for business)
Become best friends with one of your clients for each heir
Buy a business out together


Gen 16 (Requires LATE NIGHT
) *NEW*
{optional gen, will contain all ‘occult’)

Get Turned Into A Vampire
Get Feed On by A Vampire
Feed On A donor
Master all skills (You got the time/WA is opitional -or use BuyDebug-)
Have A love Or Two (depending if you make them a vampire)


Make A vampire
Have Kid (Let them learn all skills base game skills)
Public Woohoo in at least five different spots.

Gen 16.5, or addition too gen 16, or another gen depending on you! (REQUIRES LATE NIGHT!*

Become Five Star Celebrarty
Pay off Paparazi Twice
Sue Papazzi for slander
Have Two Celebrety Friends
Go To A Hot-spot Club Once A Week
Go To A Hot-Spot Bar Once A Week
Try A drink at every bar
Dance at every club
Find love of your life at bar (make a move there)


Take note you don’t have to use the point system.

One point for each generation reached. (15 points possible)
One point for every objective completed ( ?possible)
One half point for ever optional objective complete ( ?possible)
One half point for changing house to fit the style of each gen (7.5 possible)
One half point for using traits to your advantage  for each gen(7.5 possible)
One half point for using traits to you disadvantage for each gen (7.5 possible)

Subtract one point for each rule (in the gen) broken.
Subtract one point for gen task not being completed

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Rogue Grey is now in a story, check it out please.


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New Project – Rogue Grey

Meet Rogue Grey.

As of what I do with her, not yet sure.

Website for new project:

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Differences In the Case Family Tree: The End Of A DITFT Legacy

I lost the Cases again, and unfortunately don’t have the strength or the real creative energy to finish it. So I’ll tell you what I was planning on.


Lyall was going to join the clan, marry and have a baby, there would be a war between vampires and werewolves where he would end up dying in the battle.


Yeah… That is it.


Sorry, but I’m done with the Cases.

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Differences In the Case Family Tree: Gen 16.1 : Lyall Case

When I had knocked on the door, I had seen a simple neon sign of a wolf. I hadn’t thought much about it.  But as soon as I was greeted, it all made sense.

She had ears. No, no, no, not regular normal ears. But animal ears. Wolf ears. That I was thrown off a bit by it. I mean sure my dad is a werewolf and most of the older family has changed into vampires, but I’ve never seen it so openly expressed. My dad never had ears, or even a tail… I definatly wasn’t expecting this.

Before I could say anything, or let alone think of anything more besides a girl with wolf ears.  She pulled me into a warm hug. “Hey, glad to see you made it.” She said, voice airy as she pulled away and smiled brightly at me. It was weird being greeted like this. I mean in school, the kids didn’t want to be around me. I was a freak to them.  All the same, I felt a bubble of happiness in my chest being welcomed so warmly.


“My name is Nina Hummel.” She said, a smile never leaving her face. “I’m the daughter of the alpha here in Sunset Valley. What is your name, human son of lone wolf James?”

“I’m Lyall Case.” I said, smiling back, though still feeling kind of awkward at the same time.


“That’s a pretty name. Come, let’s head inside.” She said before spinning around and opening the door to the beach house.


“This beach cottage isn’t our family’s main house,and is relatively new, so I apologizes for it being a bit dark in here. Papa hasn’t had the time to get around to putting all the lights in. He’s been really busy since everything that has happened.” Nina said, walking slowly into the house as she lit a small candle.


“Why, what’s happened?” I asked.


“That I can’t tell you,” the girl replied after looking at me for a moment.

I felt myself scowl causing her to smile apologetically at me.


“Sorry,” she said, voice still soft, as her eyes darted down onto the floor. “Papa said I couldn’t say anything to outsiders. Pack rules, you know. You just have to wait until later. . .”




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Differences In the Case Family Tree: Gen 16.0: Lyall Case

“Hello there. I’m Lyall Case, but you probably know that since  my dad sent me to come stay with you… ”


My mind wanders as I am lead inside.  I wished I hadn’t had to move several towns away. That I had to stay with people I didn’t even know… for my “own safety”… I can take care of myself…

I was born into a wonderful family. Don’t get me wrong.  And I love my dad (though I was he and mom’s little miracle since, Dad really hadn’t expected for there to be any kids since his wolf genes fought off any possibility of children), but he is a bit overprotective of me. Then again he always has been.

Mom has been wonderful too. She and Dad were so in love. And Dad always told me stories about them.

My heart felt heavy as I thought about her. She – well, she died in the fire that took my aunt and uncle… They never had any kids before the fire decimated everything and pretty much everyone.

Dad was the only one that got out with me. Years after the fire he searched out who hurt his mate. And when he finally found who I was sent here… to Sunset Valley to a stay with some people that my dad knew.



I wish I didn’t have to be here and I wish I knew what was going on exactly.




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Differences In the Case Family Tree: Gen 15.5: Sonya

After my sister left for her honeymoon, I realized how empty the house was, how lonely I was.

I tried keeping busy with my work but even that failed to keep me preoccupied for very long.


I hated it. I hated the thought, the fear, of being alone. I didn’t want to be alone. I wanted someone to love.


But I just didn’t know how…


I growled annoyed shutting off the computer and stretching my legs. Perhaps spending some time outdoors would do me some good. I had been in the house too long it seemed.


Little did I know what would await me.


A man, perhaps my age, sat down in the bench next to me. I tried not to look at him, but my eyes darted glances at him. He was cute, but knowing my luck he was probably taken or gay. They usually are.


I huffed sadly, as I leaned back watching the birds chirp merrily.


“Are you alright?”


A cool hand touched my arm and I jerked suddenly, not  use to being touched. “What? Yeah fine.” I snapped, regretting doing so instantly. The man pulled away from me, face going blank.

I lowered my head. “Sorry.” I said with a sigh. “I’ve been having a bad week.”


“What’s so bad about it?” The man questioned after a moment of silence.


“My sister got married and is on her honeymoon. I meanwhile probably will wind up being a crazy cat lady or worse yet end up married to my work…”


“I wouldn’t say that.” The man laughed.


“Why not?”


“Well, for starters because you are pretty.” He said slowly drawing his arm around my shoulders. “You are young still and undoubtedly have many admirers.”


“No. No boy talks to me. I don’t have any admirers.”


“Then what am I?” He asked with a questioning look before laughing. “I find you very beautiful. I’d love to have you as a girlfriend.”


“Really?” I asked with a tilt of my head.


“Of course.” He said smiling at me. “That is only if you’d have me as a boyfriend.”

“I hardly can say no to such an offer.” I said as we both laughed.

I must have feel asleep sometime through our talking because the next moment I was being carried. I found myself just outside of my door before he put me down upon realizing I was awake.


“Goodnight, my Sonya.”


“Goodnight, Maverick.” I replied smiling as he kissed my forehead before  I slipped inside feeling bubbles of happiness and jitters.


I won’t lie, the next few days I felt like a love struck teenager. I could barely focus on my work. Any chance that I could see of him was nagging at me and the time we spent together… felt like a heavenly eternity.


I dialed his number, growing annoyed. Where was he. He told me to be here, dressed well, but he wasn’t even here. I grumbled annoyed listening to the phone ring… and ring.




The voice wasn’t from the other line, but I glanced up and saw him. “You’re late.”

“I know and I’m sorry about that. And also sorry for the suspense. I just figured – er, kept overthinking… Bloody hell… Sonya, I realize this may be all so sudden, and I know you probably will say no, but I have to ask. Sonya, I want to marry you. Tonight. Be my bride?”

I was stunned, but quick to know my answer. Over the last few days that I had met him; Maverick made me happy “Yes.” I said and watched as Maverick’s face grew alight.  “-But why?”


“Because I can’t think to spend any time away from you. You’ve been in my head. I can’t stop thinking about you.”

So, with only the stars as our witnesses, we married there under that oak tree before rushing back home like a pair of giggling teenagers.

That night… Bliss…

I felt completely happy for once.

Boy were Trisha and James surprised when they got back from their honeymoon to learn that I had gotten married while they were away…


They were, ah, less then thrilled, but got use to the idea once they saw how happy Maverick and I were.


Little did I know, other people were quick to learn about it as well…

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Differences In the Case Family Tree: Gen 15.4: Trisha


“Why didn’t you tell me?” I asked trying not to cry as soon as Mr. James Loup entered the house. I was so confused, so hurt that he kept him being a werewolf from me. Why would he keep a secret like that to himself? Didn’t he think I was trust worthy? I felt sick to my stomach thinking I wasn’t good enough to know something like that. “I love you James, but why couldn’t you tell me? I wouldn’t have thought of you any different…”



“What do you mean?” He asked confused. “Tell you what?”


“That you are a werewolf!” I yelled, a bit more angry then I would have liked.


He stepped back, hurt crossing his face. “I was going to tell you.” He said.


“When, next to never?” I asked spinning round for the door. “Am I not trust worthy enough to know? I would have told you right away if it was the opposite way around instead I had to find out from my cousin who hates me…?”


“TRISHA! Trisha please, don’t…”


“Don’t what?” I asked voice void of emotion.


“Look I’m sorry okay. . .” James murmured.  “I was scared you’d hate me. . .  That you’d leave.”


This made me turn around, not getting any closer. “Why would I leave? James, I love you.” Just watching him unsure. “So why on Earth would you think I’d hate you?”




“It’s happened before.” He replied.


“But I’m not-”

“I’m sorry, Trisha. I was scared. That is why I didn’t tell you. I didn’t want the one thing I loved to walk out of my life forever.”


“Oh James.” I murmured stepping forward as he was ready to cry.



“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. And I’m sorry when it grew close to the full moon I didn’t want to see you.  I didn’t want my wolf to come out and attack you. I just didn’t want to see you hurt… ”


“James,” I whispered.

We got closer and I could recall who grabbed who first into a hug. But before I knew it we were holding each other, comforting each other.




“I will never leave you. I love you, James.” I whispered feircely.


“And I love you too, Trisha. You are my world.”



A smile crossed my lips as we pulled away. “I am?”


“Yes. From the first day I saw you… I knew my life could never be the same.”



A blush crossed my cheeks. “That’s so sweet,” I said a permanent smile upon my face, even when he dropped down on his knees. That is when butterflies kicked in.


“And that is why…”


“… I have something important to ask…”



“Be my wife Trisha Case. Marry me?”


I gasped not expecting it at all.


“Oh James yes. Yes!”


____________   _________  ________   _________  _________   ____________


“Um…” I sputtered as we headed to our room unsure what to expect. I had been to weddings, that was easy, but I had no clue as to what occured afterwards. I had been too afraid to ask James figuring he’d laugh at me at my naiveness. And to be quite honest, I was scared.

“You look exquisite, Trisha.” James said at his grey eyes captivated by me.

I felt a blush cross my cheeks, burning hot. “You looked ravishing yourself.” I replied with a softly smile. Butterflies raced in my stomach as I watched him, his eyes soft and loving as he looked at me.

“So, we going to bed now?” I asked curiously and with slight confusion as it still was decently light outside.

“Now is a good a time as ever.” James said, eyes twinkling before declaring, “You should take that dress off before it gets ruined.”

“Um… yeah, your probably right. Uh, could you turn around or close your eyes or something…?”

James chuckled. “No, I’d think I’d like it very much to see my wife undress.”

“Oh, um, okay.” I said, cheeks brightening once again as I slipped slowly out of my dress, embarrassed slightly by his watching eyes. Eyes that seemed to darken and gain an emotion I couldn’t describe.

“You like teasing me.”

“Excuse me?” I asked as I took a few steps up to him.

“Nothing.” James muttered. He slowly got up and kissed me gently.

He closed his eyes, and I could have sworn I heard him groan. As of why, I didn’t know. “You are beyond words of beauty.” He murmured cupping a cheek, pulling away to study me once again.

“Really?” I asked as I looked at him with soft eyes of love. How did I get so lucky?

“I could never lie about such things.” James said as he held me hand and lead me to the bed. I watched as he then slipped out of his own clothes. That is when I started to get really nervous. And scared. Absolutely alarmed.

Before he had even reached his side of the bed, my eyes were closed tight. They were closed even tighter as I felt the weight shift on the bed. Warm arms pulled me in, causing me to squeak.

“Baby, why are you crying?”

I opened my eyes slowly, and admitted softly, “I – I’m scared. I’m panicking. I don’t know what’s going on at all.” Tears filled my eyes and drifted down my cheeks. “I feel so ashamed and I don’t even understand why.”

James raised my hand to his lips and kissed it softly. I could tell he was going over the information in his head and that just made me more frightened.

“Please don’t leave me.” I sobbed.

A confused look crossed James’ face as he locked his eyes with mine. “Why would I leave you, Trisha? I love you with every fiber of my being. We got married today because I love you so much.” He said kissing my tears away before looking me in the eyes once again. “Trisha, you are a virgin. That isn’t anything to be ashamed of. In fact I am glad I’ll be your first.”

“First at what?” I asked as he sat up slightly our eyes never leaving one another.

“Do you trust me?”

“Of course,” I whispered, slightly confused still.

“Then let me show you.”

And that he did.  Many things in fact. By the time we actually headed to bed for actual sleeping, the sun was just rising.

______________   ___________    __________  _________   _____________

And maybe we spent a little too much time ‘exploring’ on our honeymoon. Next thing you know James staring at me strangly  and I had began feeling nauseous causing us to go back home. I could tell he might have know what was wrong with me, but any time I tried asking, during our France honeymoon, he told me not to worry about it. He said it was good news, if it was what he believed it to be. And that I’d know when we’d get home.

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Differences in the Case Family Tree: Gen 15.3: Sonya

Weeks had passed. Christmas and the New Year had come and gone. Not that I really noticed, neither Trisha or I felt much like celebrating since Dusk still hadn’t came home. Where the hell could he be? I sighed to myself, eyes darkening. He was a vampire for Pete’s sake, he could be anywhere. And I mean anywhere. Stephen and Drake didn’t seem overly worried which just got me more angry. The pair of them were even joking about it. Vampires. I’ll never understand them.


And since Trish had gotten herself a boyfriend, she seemed to worry less and less over everything. Especially with the reassurance from Dusk’s father and grandfather and that it was all due to his changes. Ugh, I felt like I was losing a battle. At least I got my sister to come with me to look around the city for him again.


“STOP!”  Trisha yelled to the cab driver as she pointed a finger over to the right of me. “There he is!”


I looked up from the taxi eyes widening as I jumped out with Trisha yelling behind me. I guess the cab hadn’t fully came to a stop, but I hadn’t noticed. I was so angry. So infuriated by that little punk.

I was going to kill him!

“Dusk! Stop!” I yelled as he started to make his way towards some trees.

By the time he had slowly spun around, Trisha was by my side.


“Where the hell have you been?” I yelled annoyed and overly pissed off. “You can’t just run off like this, Dusk. Don’t you know how worried sick me and Trish were?”

“Really?” He said, voice cold and eyes flaring. “Is that the only time you guys seemed to care and notice? It was when I was gone?”

Anger flickered onto Trisha’s face as well as mine even more so then before.

“Is that all you have to say?” Trisha asked, placing a hand on her hip.

I was too angry for words. I was going to kill that little snot. Here were were worried to death about him and all he has to say was that we never cared? We helped take him through high school for Pete sakes. We were family. We were there for every football game, the whole family was there to cheer him on. And he tells us we didn’t give a rat’s behind about him?

“Yeah. That’s all I have to say.” He said backing up. “So leave me alone.”


“No.” I snarled, “I’ve had enough from you, Dusk. You are going home with us. Even if I have to pummel you just to drag you back home. Think we didn’t give crap about you? What kind of lies are you making up. Dusk, you are family. So don’t make me have to beat the crud out of you too make you listen to me.”

“Sis, calm down.” I heard Trisha say but my eyes were on Dusk.

“I doubt you could. You are weak human.”

“You’re crossing the line buddy. I don’t care what your dad and grandpa say about your changes. You have no right to say anything like that.” I hissed annoyed back at him.

He simply smirked in responce.

“You’ve been hanging around the coven of vampires that came into town. Haven’t you?” Trisha asked, voice soft. “They are a bad lot, Dusk.”


“Shut up. You don’t know anything about them.”


It was at this point I looked at Trisha confused. She glanced at me for a moment before shrugging her shoulders, “James.”


“Ha. That lone werewolf? Yeah, I know all about him from them.”


I blinked confused and I saw a bit of confusion cross Trisha’s face.

“I’ll come home when I’m good and ready.” Dusk said before we could turn back to him.


And then, he was gone again.

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